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Addiction, Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Substance Abuse/Dependency

Alcohol and Drug Abuse and or Addiction/Dependency can affect a person on many different levels. Substances affect not only the body, mind, and spirit but also a person’s whole external world, from family, friends, and work to others in the community who may be affected by the disease. Alcohol and drugs have a way of taking over who a person is and changing their whole world around them. In some instances the abuse is such that inpatient rehabilitation treatment is indicated. However in other circumstances outpatient treatment can be very effective and with the right motivation and support a person is able to reclaim their life without having to leave it behind. It is important for an individual who is coming out of an inpatient rehabilitation center to continue with outpatient treatment. The months following discharge can be some of the most challenging, as a person is going right back to the place where all the substance use took place.

I have been working with substance abuse and dependency issues since 2004 in a variety of settings, including UCLA where I worked with adults and couples who were abusing crystal methamphetamine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, as well as other substances. I provided Evidenced Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to individuals and worked with significant others in couples therapy to reduce and eliminate substance use and dependency and improve communication and support.

I work from a Cognitive Behavioral evidenced based treatment model for substance abuse and dependence, meaning that the type of therapy that I provide has been through rigorous research and has shown to be effective in the treatment of both adults and teenagers. Where I do believe that the typical “AA/NA” models of treatment can be beneficial, I have seen the most success when treatment consists of both evidenced based practices combined with conjunctive support from family and the community.  

I also have extensive experience working with teenagers who abuse alcohol and drugs. I have worked throughout the community treating substance abuse and dependency in teenagers and young adults for the last eight years. I believe that youth have the most chance of success when their families are involved in their treatment as much as possible and have provided therapy not only for the teenagers themselves, but for the families coping with the effects of the use. 

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