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College Students

The transition from high school to college can be an exciting one that brings up so many wonderful opportunities to being an independent adult. However, with the transition from high school and leaving the familar surronding of home many different emotional challenges can arise as well. Sometimes it can feel very lonely or scary and with all the changes, at times, anxiety or depression can set in. In some circumstances exposure to new situations or peer relationships combined with the new found freedom of independence can result in difficult social situations, substance use, difficulties managing classes or attending. Sometimes simply navigating through classes, internships, or clubs can feel overwhelming. Threapy is a great place to help navigate these challenges. I offer in office and video web based therapy that is confidential as a way to stay connected, even if the student is attending college elsewhere. Contact me to find out more information about how therapy can help make the transition to college and adulthood a smoother one for those who need support.     

Girls in the Library
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